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Fireplace Safety in Your New Home

Yes, we still have warm days in El Paso, but the nights are getting chilly and we'll soon feel the temperatures drop! And when it gets colder, it'll be time to turn on the fireplace in your new home. While it is still warm outside, here are some tips you can follow to care for the fireplace to keep it safe and working well throughout the winter. 

Before using your fireplace, be sure to get it inspected and have your chimney cleaned, whether your fireplace is wood or gas burning, to prevent buildup of hazardous soot and debris. It's important to call a certified chimney inspector instead of trying to clean it yourself because they can also check for gas leaks (gas chimneys), and structural and lining damage, which can lead to house fires and poor-quality air buildup.

Only use dense firewood, like maple and oak. These types of wood an produce more heat and burn longer. Using firewood that is green or comes from resinous tree species, like pine can be very dangerous because it is prone to combustion.

Only use kindling like dry twigs or sticks as igniters instead of flammable liquids or paper. Always make sure the wood is placed on a grate toward the back of the fireplace and never build the fire too large. This can cause too much smoke and heat, which crack your chimney.

Fire screens or metal curtains in front of the fire to keep sparks and fallen wood pieces from flying into the room. Make sure the screen covers the entire opening of your fireplace or debris could find its way through and be dangerous to your family and your home.

Lighting a fire in your fireplace can be very cozy. But you are near fire, which can be dangerous. So be sure to take all the necessary precautions. Make sure your smoke detectors have working batteries and have your fire extinguisher inspected by a professional. Once you are finished with the fire, make sure it’s fully extinguished before leaving your home or going to bed. Never leave a fire unattended.

We want you to enjoy your new home, but we also want you and your family to stay safe. Before lighting the first fire in your fireplace of your new home, follow these tips so you and your family can have many happy years in your home. 

Best Home Builder Nominee in El Paso

We're very grateful to be nominated for Best Home Builder for Best of THE CITY! As one of the top home builders in El Paso, we always strive to build you new homes with excellent craftsmanship, top quality features, and outstanding customer service. Thank you for all your support! 

To vote for us, go to thecitymagazineelp.com 


Fireplaces in New Homes | El Paso Home Builders

The weather is starting to become chilly here in El Paso! It may be time to turn on that fireplace to warm up the house. 

Fireplaces can be focal points in new homes, and depending on the material and style, they complement the house nicely. A fireplace doesn't necessarily need a mantle. The stone tile surrounding this two-faced fireplace makes it visually pleasing. 

However, if a classic fireplace with mantle is more your taste, it can still reflect the style of your new home. You can mix material, like stone with wood, especially if you have other wood elements in your home.

Fireplaces are not limited to the interior of your new home. How about an outdoor fireplace? An outdoor fireplace can give a patio a comfy feel. The stonework surrounding it gives is a timeless look and is a nice contrast to the wooden floors.

Pointe Homes is one of the top homebuilders in El Paso. Whatever your style may be, we can custom build your dream home. Give us a call today and let us build for you!


Custom Home Builders in El Paso

New homes in El Paso can be custom built to your needs and budget. If you have been planning your dream home and you know what is important to you and your family, give us a call! We have several floor plans and feature lists that can be modified to suit you. And if you want to build your custom home from scratch, our in-house design studio is ready to hear your ideas. 

We know buying or building a new home is an important step in life, and it can also be a bit scary. But at Pointe Homes, we're here to help you throughout the entire process. We are one of the best home builders in El Paso and we consistently provide our customers with excellent service and outstanding workmanship.


Buying New Homes vs. Renting

Owning a new home is one of the most important and exciting moments in your life. We know it can also be a bit scary. Don't worry. There are several benefits to buying a new home rather than renting.  

1. It is YOUR home: In your new home, you have complete freedom to style it as you wish. You can paint the walls, attach permanent fixtures in the walls, and landscape as you please. You never have to worry about checking in with a landlord beforehand. 

2. Tax Advantages.: Owning a new home may allow you to deduct a portion of mortgage interest and property taxes from your federal and state income taxes. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor first to make sure you are receiving any benefits you deserve. 

3. Building Equity: Over time, you home can increase in value. And this means, you have the opportunity to build equity, which can allow you the choice to take out a second loan for home improvements, tuition, emergency expenses and more. 

These are just a few of several benefits to owning a new home. Weigh your options and look at all the pros of buying or building a new home. At Pointe Homes, we want to help you achieve that dream! Give us a call today and find out how we can build for you!

Franklin Avenue Apartments in El Paso, TX

It was a beautiful day in Downtown El Paso for our groundbreaking ceremony for our newest development, The Franklin Avenue Apartments at Southwest University Park! These new apartments will be just minutes from the ballpark, museums, restaurants, and more. We are honored to be a part of this project for our wonderful city.