Cleaning Your Showerhead | New Homes El Paso

When you move into a new home, it is equipped with top quality features. It is always a good idea to take good care of them so they can last you a very long time. When showerheads get dirty with mineral deposits, the water cannot flow evenly. Here are some ways to keep them clean! 

One way is the remove the showerhead and soak it in vinegar. With a new showerhead, it will screw right on to the shower arm. If it is older, it will connect to a ball-shaped swivel end. If you have trouble removing it, a good way to clean it is to slip a rubber band over the top of the showerhead. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and slip the top of the band underneath the rubber band. After one hour, remove the bag and run your shower to flush it clean.

For a much deeper clean follow these steps from Better Homes and Gardens

To disconnect the showerhead, unscrew the nut at the shower arm with a wrench, not pliers

"Run a sharp blast of water through the showerhead by holding it upside down underneath a faucet. Your goal is to rinse loosened debris out through the opening that connects to the shower arm."

If there are still mineral deposits, scrub the showerhead with an old toothbrush and vinegar. and then use a toothpick or safety pin to poke out additional deposits. Soak the parts in vinegar overnight to dissolve any remaining deposits. Rinse again.

"First wrap new plumbing tape around the threads of the shower arm to ensure a good seal. Reattach the showerhead to the shower arm using the wrench. Protect the fixture's finish with soft rags or towels while you're working."

Be sure to take good care of all your appliances in your new home. We want your home to accommodate you to the fullest for years and years. If you are looking for a new home or ready to build your custom dream home, give us a call! We want to build for you.