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Happy Thanksgiving from Pointe Homes

Whether you have just moved in to a new home or you have been in your home for years, Pointe Homes hopes you have a happy and safe holiday weekend. And we would like to send out a big thank you to everyone we have had the pleasure of working with this year. We appreciate all your support!

From our home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Ceiling Style in New Homes

When you buy or build a new home, consider the options available for your ceiling. There are several ways your ceiling can stand out. For example, wooden ceiling beams can add some style to new homes because they will add a focal point in the room, they bring dimension, and they help tie the room together. And with different styles, material, and finishes, ceiling beams can reflect your personal style and taste, whether it is contemporary, traditional, or rustic. 

Pointe Homes is one of the top home builders in El Paso, TX. We will listen to everything you are looking for and what is most important to you and your family. We can show you several new homes if you are ready to move in, customize an existing floor plan, or build you a custom home from scratch! Give us a call today at 915-790-1515.

Building for Your Future

Buying or building a new home is a very important choice in life. The home you choose may grow with you for many years to come. It's vital that your new home now has the features you need as your get older.  As time proceeds, you can always make changes to your home, but the more features it initially has, the better! 

If your home is built with universal design, it is inherently accessible to the elderly, people with disabilities, and those without. Universal Design focuses on function and style for everyone. This includes single-story floor plans, wider doorways and hallways, step-free entries, and counters at the right level that that are easy to grab. 

New homes that are built with low-maintenance yards are becoming more popular, especially here in El Paso with our desert climate. Desert landscaping can look very beautiful and requires very little maintenance. This can be very beneficial if you lead a very busy life and as your grow older. 

More and more new homes are being built in communities that offer nearby conveniences, like grocery stores, pharmacies, medical care and restaurants as well as nearby schools. Pointe Homes is currently building new homes in several new communities in El Paso. 

Keep these features in mind when you are buying or building your new home. Think about your future and the home you want to grow with. Share your amazing ideas with us, and together we can build your dream home!

Cleaning Granite Countertops | New Homes El Paso

We know buying a new home is a huge investment, so it is important to take good care of your home details and features. When buying or building your new home, granite is a great choice for countertops because it is resistant to scratches, water, heat, and bacteria. And although it is very durable, it's a good idea to take the proper steps to maintain it.

Help your granite countertop stay resistant from stains by always using coasters, trivets, and keeping bottles of cooking oils off the counter. Sealing a granite countertop is a good option because it keeps the surface more resistant to stains. 

If a spill occurs on the countertop, be sure to blot the stain with a paper towel as opposed to wiping it to avoid spreading the spill. Immediately clean the area with water and mild dishwashing soap. Avoid cleaners that contain acids such as lemon or vinegar, or ammonia or bleach. You can even find cleaners that are made especially for granite countertops. 

Granite is just one of the many features Pointe Homes offers for our new homes. Our features list can be modified to suit your needs and budget. Give us a call today at 915-790-1515 to find out what we offer in our new homes!