Patio Season for Your New Home | El Paso Home Builders

The weather is definitely getting warmer, and it's the perfect time to add to the patio in your new home. In El Paso, we have so many sunny days a year, and we can enjoy the patio all year round! 

If you love to garden and have a lot of different types of plants in your patio, choose a subtle print or solid color for your patio furniture cushions. A bright color will really pop against greenery!

A ceiling fan on your patio roof of your new home can drop the temperature about 10 degrees. July and August in El Paso can get very hot, and a ceiling fan in the patio makes a big difference. Adding a light to the fan can give you some extra light. 

And speaking of lighting, a beautiful light fixture can add to your patio decor and extra lighting along walkways can provide safety.

If you desire a little more privacy, consider putting in some tall shrubs or trees to give you both privacy and shade.

When we move into new homes, we are so eager to decorate the interior (as we should be!), but can't forget our patios. Decorating your patio to your unique style can make it inviting, and you'll find yourselves using it quite often all year long.