Carlos Villalobos & Pointe Homes - Home Builder in El Paso

A couple of months ago, Pointe Homes owner and home builder, Carlos Villalobos, was featured in The City Magazine, and they had some great things to say about him and his team. Carlos began building homes in El Paso about 10 years ago and is completely self-taught. As The City wrote, "that in itself is incredible, but it's the story behind it that make it truly one-of-a-kind." 

After earning an Accounting and Finance degree and later a Masters of Business Administration, Carlos built his first home as opposed to buying one, to customize it to his needs. After admiring the house for a long time, a woman made him an offer on the house. Since then, Carlos has not stopped building homes. 

His work has ranged from smaller homes to large-scale custom homes and even to a contemporary apartment complex in the works. "Pointe Homes is currently building in over 15 communities on the East, West, Northeast, Upper Valley, and Mission Valley." 

Pointe Homes is constantly striving to becoming the #1 builder in their market and always "driven to build 'nicer, better homes.'" Carlos and his team excellent customer service and will always see you through the entire building process, before and after your house is built.