Mixing Tile in New Homes | El Paso Home Builders

Since tile comes in all different colors, styles, material, and shapes, it's important to consider a few things before buying tile for your new home. Houzz gives their tips on mixing and matching tile.

Tile that has a busy pattern should be used sparingly. "Use small statement tiles, such as these oblong mosaics, to create a feature on a backsplash or another small area rather than across an entire room. "

In a small space in your home, such as the bathroom, you can definitely mix a few tile patterns. Just be sure to mix both small and large patterns to help create a balance. Also, remember that it is a good idea to mix shapes and patterns, and not color. A dark grey grout in between tile will be visually pleasing. 

Have you considered stone for your new home? It looks beautiful! For appeal, it's best to treat the stone as a neutral. " To soften the graphic grout lines as well as to create a cohesive design, pair them with natural gray stone, which adds visual interest with a neutral pattern that doesn’t try to compete."

When you're out looking for tile for your new home, be sure to take home samples first. You'll get a better feel for how it will end up looking, and you can experiment with how different tiles work together. 

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