Choosing a Faucet in New Homes | El Paso

Faucets are offered in several styles, finishes, and uses. It's important that ones in your home reflect your style and accommodate your needs. But before choosing one, there are several factors to consider. HGTV discusses several tips.

For example, "If you're retrofitting a new faucet to an existing sink or buying a complete sink ensemble, be sure to match the type of faucet to the hole openings in your sink." 

And when it comes to finishes, several options are available for affordable prices. "Thanks to modern protective clear-coat sealers, even not-so-expensive faucets can boast of lifetime warranties for their finishes." And one good thing to keep in mind is to "Coordinate all your finishes in each bathroom so that your hard surfaces—including towel bars, lighting fixtures and door hardware—have the same finish."

Today, there are several technological options we can choose from. There are sanitizing faucets that inject streams of ozone into the water to kill germs. Another sanitizing option that will save you water is a motion-activated faucet.

If there are certain features you are interested in for your new home, let us know. We can help you design the perfect dream home!

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