Christmas Tree Tips | New Homes El Paso

Christmas is coming up! If you are celebrating Christmas in your new home this year and you want to get a real tree, there are some tips you can follow to keep your tree fresh and last longer in a safe way.

When you are out shopping for a tree, be sure to look for one that is cut straight across the base. The straighter the cut is, the better the tree will absorb water. Also, be sure to look for a tree that is very green with few brown needles.

Be sure you have a big enough water stand that will cover your tree trunk and can hold at least a gallon of water. Check the water level everyday and make sure it is always covering the trunk. A humidifier kept nearby can keep the tree from drying out.

To avoid any fires, keep the tree away from the fireplace where sparks may fly out and hit the tree. Also, keep it away from stoves or even a window where it will get direct sunlight.  

We hope your tree looks absolutely beautiful in your new home. And we also want it to last you throughout the holiday season and keep you and your loved ones safe. Take care of your family, your tree, and your new home this holiday season!