New Home Offices | El Paso Home Builders

Your home office in your new home doesn't need to have it's own room. With good organization, your office can share a space with a bedroom or living room and look clean. Plus, there are several ways your can dress up your new office so it suits the style of your new home!


Utilize space the best way with shelves above the desk and cabinets below the work surface.

Desk Less

You may not even need a desk. Cork boards, storage pockets, and a three-tired shelving unit may be all you need!

No Mess Charging Area

In today's world, we constantly need to charge our phones, tablets, and laptops. Gather all of your office supplies into a single cabinet and add a charging station, so you have a single area to recharge devices and store pens, paper, and file folders.

Keep it Stylish

There's no reason why your office area can't look good! Buy matching folders, boxes, and supplies for a colorful flow. Floating shelves are also a great choice!

Hidden Office

If you have a small desk space flushed against a wall, install a curtain in front of it. When you're not using your office, you can easily hide it.